Marshall Williamson Scholarship Committee


A Scholarship Committee, known as the Marshall Williamson Scholarship Committee is hereby formed, created by Resolution No. 031-21-15651, adopted 3/21/21.

The Committee shall consist of five members who are City residents and who are to be appointed in accordance with the City Charter. One (1) member must be a teacher/professor, one (1) member must be a skilled tradesperson, one (1) member must be a business owner and two (2) members must be residents. All members will be appointed for a term of two years.

The duty of the Committee is to select a recipients(s).

The Committee must present the name(s) of the recipients(s) to the City Commission at the next regularly scheduled City Commission meeting after each scholarship selection(s) has (have) been made.

The Community Outreach Coordinator or other City employee chosen by the City Manager will act as liaison.

The Marshall Williamson Scholarship Committee reserves the right to select more than one recipient with the total available funding to be shared amongst the selected recipients.

Recipients will be selected from residents of the City of South Miami who are high school seniors and graduates, college students, people wanting to attend vocational/trade schools, and previous Bowman Scholarship recipients.

Preference will be given to applicants from disadvantaged economic backgrounds. Applicants who are current students must have , at minimum, a grade point average of 2.5.

Current Membership

  • R. Paul Young
  • Ravi Ramjit
  • Anna Price
  • Valtena Gibson Brown
  • Gloria Payne Simmons