Historic Preservation Board

A Walk through History
Membership on the Historic Preservation Board is specified in the following Ordinance of the City Code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission:


Created by Ordinance No. 18-95-1591, adopted 10/5/95; amended by Ordinance No. 12-96-1612 and22-07-1923. The board shall consist of nine (9) members who reside or work in the city, including two Florida registered architects. All members shall be familiar with the purposes of preserving and protecting districts, structures, or sites having historic or archaeological worth. Members shall serve for a term of two (2) years. The board shall hold one (1) regular meeting each month on the last Monday of each month, except June.

Current Members

  • Julio Guillen                   
  • Gary A. Costales                                  
  • Manuel J. Menendez   
  • Dr. Anna Price  
  • Angelica Lang
  • Lillie Ferreiro  
  • Guadalupe Perez         

 Vacancies: (1 + 1 Fla Registered Architect)

Duties of the Board

  • To review and recommend approval, disapproval or modification of all applications for final approval by the City Commission of historic district and historic site designations, and site plans and specifications, and Certificates of Appropriateness
  • To maintain and update files from the Dade County Historic Survey within the City for the purpose of determining and promoting those districts and sites of special historic or archeological value or interest
  • To make recommendations to the City Commission on the designation of historic districts and sites, and archeological sites
  • To make recommendations to the City Commission concerning applications for grants
  • To recommend approval of historic and archeological markers for properties within the City