Community Relations Board

Membership on the Community Relations Board is specified in the following ordinance of the city code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission:


2-26.6. Said board shall consist of nine (9) members. The members shall be diverse, religious and ethnic. One (1) appointee must be between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty (30). Four (4) members must be residents of South Miami and have diverse religious, gender and ethnic backgrounds. All members must be selected because of their leadership roles within the resident population of the City.  One (1) should have personal experience with housing insecure issues.  

Appointment and terms of Members: Members of the Board must be appointed in accordance with the Charter. The Community Outreach Coordinator will provide the Commission with a list of appropriate potential Committee members. The term of each appointee is for two (2) years or until his/her successor is appointed, whichever comes later. The Community Outreach Coordinator will serve as an ex officio member of the Board. Section 2-22 (Term Limits) does not apply to this Board. 
Meetings shall take place at least once every three (3) months. 
 (Amended by Ordinance No. 13-21-2403, adopted 8/3/21)

Duties of the Board

  • Meet at least once every three (3) months and when needed, the Board, by a majority vote, may schedule additional meetings. In addition, meetings may be called: (i) by the Chair; or (ii) by one member who may call for one or more additional meetings by contacting the City Clerk, and the City Clerk will determine if there are four (4) additional members who want to hold such meeting(s).
  • Recruit members: Each Board member who has been appointed by a member of the City Commission is responsible for recruiting people for nomination to fill any vacancy on the Board. The City Commission must approve all those who are nominated to fill a vacancy in the four seats on the Board that have not been directly appointed by a Commission member in accordance with the City Charter.
  • Foster mutual understanding, tolerance and respect among all economic, social, religious, sexual orientation, special needs (including the homeless), ages and ethnic groups in the city.
  • Cooperate in the development of educational programs dedicated to the improvement of community relations: and enlist the support of civic leaders (religious, veterans, labor, industrial, commercial and charitable) and private agencies engaged in the inculcation of ideals of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding
  • Recommend to the City Manager ways to include all City residents in celebrations of City and National holidays 
  • Recommend to the City Commission events that are designed to attract and include all City residents
  • Recommend to the City Commission ways to improve communication to all City residents, especially to those who are not computer literate
  • Recommend to the City Commission a plan for an internship program to develop future community leaders within the businesses, commercial, industrial and other agencies in the City.
  • Recommend to the City Commission ways to build equity goals and plans into matters (Resolutions and Ordinances) that come before the Commission
  • Recommend to the City Commission ways to insure climate justice for all City residents
  • Recommend to the City Commission such ordinances or resolutions as will aid in carrying out the purposes of this Section
  • Apply for and recommend the acceptance of grants and donations to the City from foundations and others for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Board. All grants must be approved and accepted by the City Commission
  • Submit an annual report to the City Manager and City Commission. The report will cover educational programs, sensitivity training, grants, interventions for persons in need, etc.
  • The Board has the power and duty to: (i) examine the issues of any persons in need in the City; and (ii) recommend to the City Commission a comprehensive strategy to support all the people in need, including professional services, health services, and rehabilitation services.
  • One (1) appointee will act as the LGBTQ Liaison to serve as an accessible and friendly ear to the City's LGBTQ+ community and elevate LGBTQ related concerns to the City Commission.

Current Members

  • Levy Kelly
  • Elizabeth Regalado
  • Gary Costales
  • Velma Palmer