City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Mayor and Commission to serve as the chief legal advisor to the Commission, the City Manager, and all City departments, offices, and agencies. The City Attorney’s Office represents the City in all legal proceedings. The City Attorney’s Office is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation possible to meet the present and future needs of the City of South Miami in an efficient and effective manner. The Office maintains an open door policy to encourage continuous communication between City departments and all legal representatives. 

The City Attorney serves as the chief legal officer, providing legal guidance to the City 
Commission and City Administration on all matters affecting the City. The City Attorney 
provides legal advice in the areas of labor and personnel matters, real estate and real estate related matters, land use and zoning, legislation and related matters, Special Masters, Code Enforcement, all police matters, construction and construction related issues, sunshine laws, public records laws, conflict of interest issues and other ethical issues, the preparation and/or review of all contracts, all litigation including forfeitures, employment matters, eminent domain and tort liability. 

The City Attorney is responsible for hiring all outside counsel. Outside counsel is utilized on a limited basis. The City Attorney handles and advocates the City’s position in any potential litigation and supervises litigation and other legal matters that may be referred to outside counsel. 

The City Attorney attends all regular and special City Commission meetings, SMCRA, Planning, agency, and board meetings. Attends other meetings as required by the Commission, prepares/reviews ordinances and resolutions, reviews and drafts contracts and monitors County and State legislation as it affects the City. 

The City Attorney is an outside firm, which is contracted by the City for a flat fee to handle all City legal issues.