City Clerk

The City Clerk is one of three charter official positions that are appointed by the City Commission.
The City Clerk’s Office strives to present a courteous, service-oriented team of professionals who, in partnership with the South Miami City Commission, City departments, and the community, serve the citizens of South Miami at an optimum level.

Committed to maintaining the integrity of city government in the City of South Miami and ensuring an informed citizenry by providing access to city government through open and accessible meetings and accurate recordings of the city commission proceedings; by protecting and preserving city documents and records; and by providing excellent service to the public.

  • Prepares the agenda for City Commission meetings.
  • Keeps the minutes of the City Commission proceedings.
  • Publishes notices of public hearing items.
  • Processes the codification of City’s Code of Ordinances.
  • Ensures that lobbyists are registered with the Office of the City Clerk.
  • Publishes and oversees all statutorily mandated advertisement.
  • Acts as the custodian of public records of the City.
  • Processes Public Records Requests.
  • Advertises Bids and Requests for Proposals.
  • Provides information to City residents and visitors in general.
  • Updates and monitors the list of board and committee members.
  • Ensures that yearly Financial Disclosure Forms are submitted.
  • Attests official City documents.
  • Provides notary services.
  • Supervises municipal elections in conjunction with the Miami-Dade County Department of Elections.
  • Prepares election package for candidates
  • Qualifies candidates
  • Publishes legal notices as per Florida Statutes and City Code
  • The City Clerk is the Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) for the City.
  • The RMLO serves as the primary point of contact between the City and the Division’s records management program for the State as per 257.36(5)(a) Florida Statutes. 
  • The City Clerk is a Florida Certified Records Manager (FCRM).
  • The City Clerk is a member of the Records Retention Committee, along with the City Manager and the City Attorney.

  1. City Clerk

    Physical Address
    6130 Sunset Drive
    South Miami, FL 33143

    Fax: 305-663-6348

  2. Nkenga Payne

    City Clerk