City Manager

The City Manager's Office provides overall direction and coordination of City operations to ensure that the City Commission's adopted service goals are met or exceeded, and that costs do not exceed budget restrictions. This office continually evaluates the City's organizational structure as it relates to requirements for effective, efficient and economical public service. 

The City Manager’s Office implements official policies of the Mayor and City Commission by coordinating City services in an efficient, effective and responsive manner, providing support, guidance, communications and leadership to assure that quality municipal services are provided to our community. As the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, the City Manager is ultimately responsible for all operations of the municipal corporation. The City Manager’s Office provides organizational and fiscal management as well as program development and evaluation. Each requires daily effort. In addition to overseeing daily operations, the City Manager’s Office develops new systems and methods relative to City services and is responsible for the research and analysis of programs, in anticipation of future needs and challenges. The Manager’s Office coordinates with the City Commission to implement public policy and to manage the City’s mission, goals and objectives. Providing support to the Mayor and City Commission is another important aspect of this office. This involves effective communication and being available to the City Commission. The Manager’s Office is at the vanguard of the organization, projecting vitality, professionalism and quality service to residents, private agencies, organizations and its own employees.