Basketball Courts


Gymnasium  Fee

Resident, per hour $100 (full court) $50 (half court)
Non Resident, per hour $200 (full court) $100 (half court)
Not-for-Profit, per hour $90 (full court) $45 (half court)

Outdoor Basketball Court  Fee

Resident, per hour $30 (lights) $20 (no lights)
Non Resident, per hour $40 (lights) $30 (no lights)
Not-for-Profit, per hour $25 (lights) $15 (no lights)

Security Deposit Fee

Resident                                                                 $110
Non Resident                                                         $200 
Not-for-Profit                                                          $100 

Basketball court rentals are currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more information, please contact us at or (305) 668-3876.