Tree Planting Initiative

 In an effort to restore loss of tree canopy due to hurricanes, citrus canker, and urban development, the City of South Miami, in partnership with Miami-Dade County Community Image Advisory Board, will be planting trees in the city's public right of ways (grass swale areas), which were most impacted. The planting of trees has been scheduled to start on September 30, 2009.

Trees provide many environmental, social, and economic benefits for you and our community. Many of these benefits are tangible and measurable. Some of the more important benefits are highlighted below.

Trees Improve Air Quality

  • A large, healthy tree can produce enough oxygen each day for 18 people. Trees reduce pollution and absorb carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulates. For example, trees can remove up to 13% of particulates in the air.
  • By providing a cool, shady spots for us to park our cars, trees also happen to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from them. In the sun and heat, parked cars still continue to release VOCs from gas tanks, so tree canopies can significantly reduce the level of these emissions.
  • Tree leaves absorb carbon dioxide (the primary "global warming" gas) during the process of photosynthesis, and produce the oxygen we need to breathe.
  • Tree leaves also absorb other pollutants and particulate matter from the air.

Trees Save Energy

  • Leafy green tree crowns create canopies of shade, reducing the amount of sunlight reaching our streets, lawns, and parking areas, resulting in lower summer temperatures.
  • Trees cool the air as their leaves evaporate water.
  • Trees shade our homes and offices, and the streets, parking lots, and other pavement that surrounds them.

Trees Reduce Stormwater Runoff

  • The amount of overland flow of water and non-point source pollution that occurs during and after heavy rains is decreased by trees.
  • The many leaves, branches, and stems of trees intercept rainwater, hold it, and then release it slowly so that it can be better absorbed by the soil.
  • Trees leaves and branches intercept rainfall and release it slowly, thereby reducing runoff and helping to maintain water quality.
  • Tree roots also actively remove water from the soil.

View the proposed tree planting in right of way areas map that shows the proposed locations where the new trees will be planted.

Note that in order to make the properties' addresses visible, viewers may be needed to zoom-in the portions of the map and / or print it on 11x17 paper (or larger).