Engineering & Construction

To provide citizens with professional engineering services in support of information collection and archiving, planning, permitting, design and administration of all public infrastructure construction programs; Provide engineering and technical services, construction administration, inspection and quality assurance for all road infrastructure construction projects. 



The Engineering and Construction Division is responsible for managing the design and construction of the projects in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The CIP is a list of projects categorized by type and budgeted in a five year projection plan.

The projects included have been proposed based on service standards, to meet regulatory mandates, or to address and remedy poor conditions of road, drainage, or traffic conditions. These projects include traffic calming; drainage; roadways & infrastructure improvements; water distribution; sidewalks; and street lighting. 

Capital improvement projects are defined as projects that are self-contained and that will usually be constructed or purchased as a unit. A CIP generally includes only those items constructed or purchased that have a useful life extending beyond a five (5) year period following their acquisition or purchase, or has an estimated useful life of 3 years or more. Minor recurring annual expense items, including routine maintenance and repairs, are excluded from the CIP. Preliminary engineering studies for infrastructure improvements are generally itemized as capital expenditure items due to their significant cost and impact of the capital improvement program.

In continued efforts to implement the CIP, the division reviews engineering plans from consultants and contractors per city standards and issues RFP’s for design and bids for construction. You may visit the Bids and RFP page for current postings.


The division reviews and issues permits for all work performed within the public right-of-way. Work performed on private property is permitted through the Building Department. To apply for a right-of-way permit, please visit the City's Forms page by clicking below:


 The City of South Miami is conducting surveys in the following areas for the installation of speed tables and traffic circles to implement traffic calming. As a condition of approval from Miami-Dade County Public Works Department, the City is required to provide documentation that 2/3 of the affected property owners and residents concur with the installation of the traffic calming devices, corresponding to their respective neighborhoods. The surveys below may be submitted via mail or fax to the Public Works Office or City Hall. A signed form may also be scanned and emailed to


The division also manages stormwater utility activities to ensure the efficient management of stormwater runoff within City boundaries. Staff submits the annual State National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for city stormwater systems. To report any observed illegal dumping or illicit discharge into City canals or stormwater drains, please contact Code Enforcement.