Stormwater Management

Master Plan

Approved via resolution 39-12-13596, ADA Engineering, Inc. was assigned to develop and update the City of South Miami Stormwater Master Plan.

ADA's approach also propose the following methods.
  • Analyzing upland areas which can potentially have impacts to the city's low lying areas.
  • Identifying the most cost effective projects that meet current permitting requirements.
  • Implementing cost effectiveness analyses for proposed stormwater management projects.
  • Preparing a capital improvement plan for high priority, cost effective stormwater management projects.
  • Providing flexibility to evaluate water quality benefits of flood control projects.

Task Purpose and Scope

A.D.A. Engineering, Inc. (ADA) was contracted by the city under RFP Project Number SM-2011-017-PW, Resolution No. 39-12-13597 to complete the SWMMP update for the city. The SWMMP was subdivided into six tasks with the final task consisting of the preparation of the final SWMMP. The results and findings of each primary task will be summarized in task specific technical memorandums. The technical memorandums to be prepared as part of the SWMMP are as follows:

  • Technical Memorandum No. 1 - Data collection and Evaluation
  • Technical Memorandum No. 2 - Existing Conditions Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model without City Flood Protection Projects
  • Technical Memorandum No. 3 - Identification and Ranking of Problem Areas
  • Technical Memorandum No. 4 - Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling with City Flood Protection Projects Completed and Under Design
  • Technical Memorandum No. 5 - Identification, Ranking and Prioritizing Future City Flood Protection Projects/Capital Improvement Plan

Access the Stormwater Management Master Plan Report.