Internal Affairs

The South Miami Police Department is committed to providing professional service to all citizens and is concerned for their welfare. As such, it will take proper action when employees are proven negligent in their duties and/or are guilty of wrongdoing. Our citizens can be confident they will receive a fair and thorough investigation through our Professional Compliance Division.

Internal Affairs is responsible for accepting complaints regarding allegations of misconduct or unlawful activity against departmental employees. Internal Affairs reviews every citizen complaint. If the complaint is of conduct that would violate departmental policy or laws, Internal Affairs will conduct the investigation. Minor complaints may be forwarded to the member’s division for investigation; however, Internal Affairs will monitor all investigations. If a crime is alleged, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office will be contacted as part of the investigation.

Officers who perform their duties in an outstanding and professional manner go unrecognized. In these instances, if you observe an act or service by a South Miami Police officer and feel the action should be noted, please feel free to tell the department, the officer or their supervisor. You are also encouraged to send a letter to the chief of police expressing your feelings.