Quarterly Investment Reports

The City of South Miami invests any public funds in excess of the amounts needed to meet current expenses, and places the highest priority on the safety of principal and liquidity of funds. The optimization of investment returns shall be secondary to the requirements for safety and liquidity.

With the above stated, it is important to note, the City aims to obtain the greatest returns possible, staying within the parameters placed on the City in accordance with Florida Statute 218.415 and City Ordinance.

The City's Finance Department, provides a quarterly report which provides performance measures that are appropriate for the nature and size of the funds within the custody of the City and reports investment activities that includes a list of the securities in the portfolio by class or type, book value, income earned, and market value.  

These quarterly reports are provided to the City Manager and City Commission quarterly and by way of the City's website, available to the public.  Below are links to the Investment Quarterly Reports.

FY 2023

FY 2022