Upcoming CIP Projects

Project Name:                                     Park Development

Location:                                              Vice Mayor Robert C. Welsh Jr. Park - 7435 SW 66th  Avenue

Construction Timeline:                      September 2022 - July 2023

Construction Plans:                            Click Here 


New Park development entails a basketball half-court, a playground area with a poured-in-place protective surface, a prefabricated shelter, an accessible concrete sidewalk, benches, a bike rack, a water fountain, and other park amenities.

Project Name:                                     Multiple-Court Resurfacing & New Pickleball Courts   

Location:                                              Brewer Park; Dante Fascell Park; Marshall Williamson Park; Murray Park 

Anticipated Completion:                  September 2023

Visual Layout:                                     Click Here

Virtual Community Meeting:          Click Here held on Thursday, May 11, 2023  

Project Work Scope Updated on Monday, May 15, 2023

Brewer Park improvements entail resurfacing and restriping of the tennis courts, basketball court, and hardball/racquetball ball courts. The west hardball wall will be demolished and converted to one (1) permanent pickleball court. The east hardball will remain as-is. Soundproof material will be installed along the fence line within the pickleball and hardball playing area. 

Dante Fascell Park improvements entail resurfacing and restriping of the basketball half-court. 

Upgrades at Marshall Williamson Park include tennis court resurfacing and restriping and retro-fitting the west tennis court with two (2) pickleball courts. Two (2) portable nets will be available on-site for pickleball activity. 

Murray Park improvements involve resurfacing and restriping the basketball courts and retrofitting the south court with one (1) volleyball court.