Upcoming CIP Projects

Project Name:                             Park Infrastructure, Safety & Landscape Improvements

Location:                                      Marshall Williamson Park 

Construction Timeline:             Winter-Spring 2022

Construction Plans:                   Click Here 


The City received a block grant to assist in funding a slate of park infrastructure and landscape improvements to Marshall Williamson Park aimed at enhancing park services and increasing safety through the incorporation of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles. Planned improvements include tree pruning, removal of diseased or dead trees, replacement of damaged sidewalks, ADA access pathway/sidewalk, two (2) pre-fabricated shade structures over benches at tennis courts, a blue-light emergency call box, and security cameras.



Project Name:                            New Playground & Fitness Structure Improvements 

Location:                                      South Miami Park 

Construction Timeline:             Winter-Spring 2022

Construction Plans:                    Click Here 

The City received a grant award from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (“FRDAP”) in the amount of $50,000 to be used towards construction of a new playground structure at South Miami Park. New park improvements entail demo of the existing rock-filled-in pool area and support facilities; site restoration; new swings, playground and outdoor fitness structures; poured-in-place rubber safety surface; tree improvements; ADA and pedestrian access stripping improvements, as well as concrete sidewalk access to new amenities.


Project Name:                           Paseo Park – Planning & Development 

Location:                                     SW 63rd Ave. and 50th St.

Construction Timeline:            October – December 2022

Community Input Survey:       Click Here 

Schematic Plan No. 1:              Click Here

Schematic Plan No. 2:              Click Here

Community Mgt. No. 1:           Click Here - 03/30/2022 at 6:30 pm

Community Mgt. No. 2:           Click Here  - 05/04/2022 at 6:30 pm

The City’s Parks & Recreation Department welcomes your input for the conceptual design of Paseo Park, located on SW 63rd Ave. and 50th St. The proposed schematic park plan #2 will be available for review and community input through Wednesday, May 11, 2022

As a resident or stakeholder of this area, your input is very valuable and we look forward to your participation. To submit commentary on the proposed design, please email: parks@southmiamifl.gov

Project Name:                             Pet Friendly, Artificial Turf 

Location:                                      Dog Park  

Construction Timeline:             June-September 2022

Construction Plans:                   Click here


The City is replacing the existing natural turf with dog-friendly, natural looking artificial turf at the City’s Dog ParkThe artificial turf is short, thick piled hair, and is 100% permeable for water to drain away quickly and completely. The change would provide a mud-free playing zone, low maintenance, a beautiful green surface all year long, and fewer park closures.