Business Improvement District (BID)

The BID is a legal mechanism for property owners and businesses in a defined geographic area to jointly plan and put in place a sustainable funding source that can pay for a set of services to improve their area. In the case of South Miami BID, the BID's mission envisions programming and benefits to businesses and commercial properties that will include enhanced safety, marketing, advocacy, promotions, and maintenance. BID services will be in addition to services currently provided by the City of South Miami. The South Miami BID will serve as an organizational mechanism to ensure that the management and activities within the South Miami's public space is beneficial not only to the District itself, but also to the City and surrounding residential community. The BID serves as a unified voice and centralized communication center that speaks equally among all of its stakeholders which is of particular importance in building a strong and positive relationship with the City. Importantly, the BID is a critical tool to 'ensuring that property values continue to rise for all property owners in and around the City of South Miami and a mechanism to help all businesses in the district.

The core idea related to the Business Improvement District (BID) is that the City agrees to continue to provide a base level of service and that the BID may provide enhanced services, such as extra police protection for expanded special events, maintenance for specialty landscaping, downtown marketing programs, cleaning after special events, while providing for a unified voice to advocate on behalf of the district's stakeholders.