Controlled Parking Residential Zones

As provided within the City of South Miami's Code of Ordinance, Section 15-99; the City shall establish Controlled Parking Residential Areas which a permit is valid within the designated zone in which the permit holder resides.  The City may issue two residential permits and one visitor permit.

Resident shall mean a person who owns or leases real property within a controlled parking residential zone and who maintains bona fide occupancy at that address.

Visitor parking permit shall mean a properly issued and displayed parking permit that authorizes a commuter vehicle to park within a specific controlled residential parking zone for which the permit was issued.

Eight (8) zones have been created and are as follows:

  1. Red Zone
    5770-5786 S.W. 74th Terrace. Beginning at 5770 S.W. 74th Terrace, ending on the side to the rear of 5786 S.W. 58th Ave as well as 7500 S.W. 57th Court and 7510 S.W. 57th Court and 7530 S.W. 57th Court.
  2. Blue Zone
    7500-7530 S.W. 58th Avenue. Located at 58th Avenue & 74th Terrace to the end of 58th Ave where sidewalk ends.
  3. Yellow Zone
    5838 S.W. 74th Terrace. Located on the South Side of 74th Terrace from 58th Avenue to the end of the property line.
  4. Green Zone
    5801 S.W. 74th Terrace. Located on North side of 74th Terrace from 58th Avenue to the beginning of Mayan North's Parking lot.
  5. Orange Zone
    7500 S.W. 59th Avenue. Located from beginning of Shari Gardens Parking lot to the end of the parking lot; and 7430 S.W. 59th Court & 7540 S.W. 59th Court. Beginning on 59th Court, both sides of street ending on 59th Court at the end of the parking lots of Brittany Villa Apartments & Villa Fontana Apartments.
  6. Purple Zone
    Lee Park Condominium, located on the south side of 70th Street between 61st and 62nd Avenue.
  7. Black Zone
    7541 S.W. 61st Avenue, on the east side corner of 61st Avenue.
  8. Pink Zone
    7400-7500 S.W. 59th Place, on the east side corner of 59th Place, and Sunset Square 5950 S.W. 74th Street, on the east side corner of 59th Place.
Please refer to the Schedule of Fees which provides the amounts associated with acquiring a residential and/or visitor parking permit.