Victim's Access Network

What is the Van?
The Victim’s Access Network (VAN) is a multilingual computerized telephone and postcard information service available to assist victims of crimes committed in Miami-Dade County, and serves as an extension of the services offered by the State Attorney's Office. As the victim of a crime, you have a right to know what is happening in your case.

The purpose of VAN is to provide continuous access to vital case information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is strictly confidential and no one can access identifying information about you or your whereabouts.

If you do not have a telephone, the number of a relative or friend may be given. Do not list a telephone number that reaches a switchboard. By using the 1-800 number, you may call VAN from any pay phone.

How Does the Van Help You?
When an arrest of a suspect is made or a warrant issued in Miami-Dade County, you will receive your initial postcard advising you of this event and providing you with other important identifying information about your criminal case. The personalized information on your first postcard will allow you to easily access VAN and obtain up-to-date case information.

Throughout your case, you will receive several postcards advising you of various events and outcomes. By calling VAN, you can determine whether the suspect/juvenile is presently in custody and what event is scheduled to occur next in your case.

You need not appear for these events. If you must appear, you will receive a subpoena. For some violent crimes, VAN may even call you, if a telephone number is available, when the defendant or juvenile is released from custody. Depending on the seriousness of the charge and the relationship between the parties involved, these calls may continue throughout the night for the first 24 hours after the offender is released. Identifying yourself and following the prompts on the menu can discontinue these calls.

Additional Information
VAN also provides you with important general information if you select the menu to the Victim Information Guide. In this menu, for example, you will find detailed information on stages in the criminal justice process, what your role is in that process and what happens in a criminal or juvenile case.