Safe Driving Tips

The City of South Miami Police Department cares about your safety.

  • Always insure you and all occupants are properly buckled up with seat belts. Children under 4 years of age must be in a child seat.
  • Don't drink and drive. Nearly half of all fatal crashes are alcohol related. If you drink, use a designated driver.
  • Observe and obey posted speed limits. Speeding fines are expensive and may cause your insurance rates to increase.
  • Florida Statute 316.126 requires that all drivers yield the right of way to emergency vehicles. Drivers are to immediately pull over parallel to the nearest edge, stop and remain in a stopped position until the emergency vehicle has passed.
  • Impatient and aggressive drivers are becoming increasingly common on our roadways. Don't be a "road shark." Drive with respect and courtesy.
  • Always avoid distractions while driving, including:
    • using cell phones
    • eating or drinking
    • applying make-up
    • reading
    • disciplining children