Environmental Review & Preservation Board

Membership on the Environmental Review and Preservation Board is specified in the following Ordinance of the city code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission:


Section 20-6.1(C)(1) of the Land Development Code. An Environmental Review and Preservation Board (ERPB) is hereby created (Ord. 12-12-2128, as amended) which shall consist of nine (9) members at least five (5) of whom shall reside or work in the city, and which shall include a minimum of two (2) licensed architects and one (1) licensed landscaped architect. The remainder of the board can be comprised of a mixture of backgrounds; members of the ERPB may not work for the City. The members of the ERPB shall be appointed in accordance with the City Charter, and shall serve for a term of two (2) years but may remain on the board until a successor is appointed, but in no event shall his or her membership exceed any applicable term limit. Board meets first and third Tuesday of every month unless otherwise specified.

Current Members

  • Mariano Corral                          
  • Bridget Penichet                
  • Daniel Guerra   
  • Leigh Emerson Smith
  • Rebeca Cruz
  • Javier Baena 
  • Tocarra Ware

Vacancies: (2, 1 being a Florida Licensed Architect)  
  Duties of the Board

  • To review, recommend approval, disapproval or modification on all site plans, projects and specifications as required under the Board’s mandatory review pursuant to the City Code
  • To review the scale, color, texture and appropriateness of all proposed buildings, additions and other structures; the quantity, quality and arrangement of all proposed landscaping and open space features; and the overall compatibility of the proposed development with the existing character of the neighborhood
  • To hear and decide matters, specifically prescribed by and in accordance with the terms of the City Code
  • To conduct any other function which may be designated or assigned by act of the City Commission
  • To review all new constructions, painting, remodeling, and landscaping projects to be performed by this municipal government (the City), prior to any permits being issued or any work being performed