General Info


Florida’s Construction Lien Law requires that a Notice of Commencement, signed by the property owner, be filed with the Miami-Dade Clerk of the Courts 90 days prior to the start of any improvements costing $2500 or more. Those who work on your property or provide materials and are not paid, have a right to enforce their claim for payment against your property in the form of a construction lien. This will avoid the possibility of paying twice for improvements to your property. The Notice of Commencement must be posted at the job site.
Before you make a final payment to your contractor you should request proof that all final inspections have been approved. You should also request final release of liens from any individuals or firms who have provided labor, equipment or supplies, especially those who have sent you a Notice to Owner letter.

If your contractor abandons the work or you have a complaint regarding his/her performance,  you may file a complaint with the Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office. The Contractor Licensing and Enforcement Section will investigate and work toward a resolution of the problem. The South Miami Building Department will help you file the complaint and work with the investigator to resolve the problem.

Separate permits are required for exterior doors, windows, shutters, roofing, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, swimming pools, fences, driveways, signs, awnings and other items.