Pension Board

Membership on the Pension Board (Regular) is specified in the following Ordinance of the City Code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission.


Section 16-20; Ordinance No. 528, adopted 12/7/65, amended by Ord. No. 2-86-1247, adopted 2/4/86, amended by Ordinance No. 5-00-1707, adopted 4/11/00. Seven (7) members consisting of two (2) active employees of the city and two (2) citizens electors of the city, and two individuals with financial backgrounds all to be appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the commission and the appointment of one (1) active employee of the city designated by the city manager. The board shall hold meetings upon such notice, at city hall, and at such times as its members may from time to time determine.

Current Members & Expiration Dates

  • Bradley Cassel             10-31-20
  • Paul Rodriguez              9-15-16
  • Alfredo Riverol, CPA     12-30-20
  • Shari Kamali                  12-30-20
  • Randolph X. Brown       11-06-21
  • Jaime Parlade              11-14-18


 Vacancies: (1) 


Pension Administrator (GRS)

    Edemir K. Estrada
    Plan Administrator
    One East Broward Boulevard, Suite 505
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33301
    Phone: 954-527-1616