Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board

Membership on the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board is specified in the following Ordinance of the City Code as enacted by the City of South Miami Commission:


There is hereby created a community redevelopment agency advisory board for the city. The board shall consist of five members. At least two of the five members shall be residents of the Community Redevelopment Agency area, and shall have lived within this area for a minimum of one year prior to appointment; members of the board shall serve two-year terms, except for the first two appointed who will serve an initial term of three years. Appointees shall thereafter serve two-year terms of appointment or until a successor is appointed, whichever comes first. Quorum shall be three-fifths of the members of the board. All actions shall require a majority vote of those members in attendance. The board shall meet at least once every three months, with meetings held at rotating sites within the CRA area or at city hall.

Duties of the Board

  • To provide a report on meetings and public input at least every 90 days to the CRA Board.
  • To conduct periodic community meetings and workshops to solicit input regarding redevelopment and other programs. There shall be at least one such meeting per year.
  • To study and review proposed programs, projects and budgets and work in an advisory capacity with the SMCRA Board and the City Commission in
  • Interpreting the needs of the community
  • The best way in which the SMCRA can meet those needs within the provisions of Chapter 163 Part III (Florida Statutes) and the SMCRA plan.

Current Members & Expiration Dates
Cornelius Harrington III         4-30-20
Laurie Kahn                           4-30-20
Michell Hawkins                    4-30-20
Jeff Guerra                            4-30-20
Anna Price                             8-08-20