Building Department


To enforce the State of Florida building code within the boundaries of the City of South Miami, and collaborate with other City departments in the enforcement of local codes.


The Building Department enforces the State of Florida Building Code within the boundaries of the City of South Miami, and collaborates with other City Departments in the enforcement of local codes. It provides fair, consistent and equitable interpretation of codes during the review of construction documents submitted for building permits and during the field inspection conducted for compliance. The Department also certifies buildings upon completion and at pre-stated periods afterwards.


Victor Citarella, PE, Building Director
Andres Figueroa, Chief Building Inspector
Lester Oporta, Permit Coordinator
David Miguez, Plans Coordinator
Thomas Flingos, Chief Elecrical Inspector
Ronald Regula, Chief Mechanical Inspector
Rafael Hernandez, Chief Plumbing Inspector
Orlando Blanco, Chief Structural Inspector

Permit Fees are established by Ordinance and are listed under the title Schedule of Permit Fees. As of October 1, 2010 a 1.5% surcharge will apply to all permits, payable to the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs.